Ever wanted to learn how comics are drawn?

Whether you are professional artist or just interested in the subject you will find it to be an entertaining process.

In our case comics are an integral part of the product. We love what we do! The final part of our GDD is written and DesperatioN is coming to Steam as an early-access game. In case you are wondering if we have no clue what will happen in our our game we have good news for you - the disturbed adventures of John Kowalski are fully envisioned up to the epic outcome! The work is underway in the area of gameplay features (that you will have the opportunity to appreciate very soon). To say the least, playing the same type of missions over and over again is not part of our game (that would be quite boring to us as it would be to you!).


So let’s rewind a little bit. The purpose of this article is to illuminate you in the ways of illustration of our game DESPERATION.

So we gathered in the studio to brainstorm the GDD (AKA, game design document).

The next step was to draw the storyline, we did a quick sketch of the scenes then populated the scenes with characters and envisioned camera placement depending on the queues in the script.

The creative drive came out of nowhere. The team took photos of each other with energy of little children and emotional expressions of Jim Carrey. Camera placement conformed to movie industry standards. We used our previous experience with attention to detail. It was an awesome experience to say the least.

The pictures that we took became a digital canvas for drawing characters. All content is drawn in the DesperatioN-esque style that we developed from 2012 until 2014 and is still growing!

Illustration for article titled How to draw comics professionally (Part 1)

We just let ourselves go and this is an amazing experience! Gore is abundant in our game, thus we label our promo banners 21+. Only 4-5 months and we are coming to Steam in order to let you dive into this demented and dramatic world that we made. Every member of Black Rules cares deeply about the project and does everything to improve it! That’s what it means to be Indie. We are set to create a quality game!


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